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Client Testimonials
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LDH. (Concerned Mom)
My journey with my son started about 5 years ago. He started getting in trouble a lot and he had
all but stopped speaking to me. Being my only child, I couldnt bear the thought of just letting him
go to jail ...Especially at such a young age.  I called Arnold and after explaining my unique case,
he was confident that he could help me. When I hung up the phone after our consultation, I had
hope, for the first time in what felt like forever! He made the whole process less scary and
stressful. My son did not go to jail and things are looking much better for us.

ECH. (Drug Charges)
"I was nervous when I was arrested on drug charges. I didn't know what to expect. But Arnold
guided me through the legal process with compassion and sensitivity. He was thorough and
well organized, and masterful in mediation...even the judge told him that he was honored to
have him in his courtroom. I felt supported and respected and I appreciated the advice he gave

SML (Domestic Violence Victim (Stewart Airforce Base)
"To Arnold Keith at the Life Station. " I am deeply grateful for the assistance and advice that Mr
Keith gave me when I was leaving a difficult situation. I was faced with difficult decisions that
seemed hard to make.  Mr Keith advised me on what actions to take to protect myself and my
five year old. Even though what he did was behind the scenes, I appreciated all the many things
he said to support me.  It made the process seem easier. Thank you to Arnold Keith and the
entire staff at the Life Stations Program.
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