Services Provided
•Initial Consultation
•Case Evaluation & Recommendation
•Advice through-out the Process
•Plea Bargaining / Negotiations
*Violent Crimes
•Domestic Violence
•Theft Crimes
•Drug Crimes
•Federal Crimes
•White Collar Crimes  
The Law Offices of Arnold Pennington Keith, Jr.
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The Law Offices of Arnold Pennington Keith, Jr.
100% Criminal Defense - So that you can have your life back ...
Practice Areas
Criminal defense is a broad area of law and can include both State and Federal criminal charges. New York State and Federal
criminal procedure and practice is complicated and requires a skilled criminal defense lawyer to properly navigate through the
process. Arnold P Keith, Jr has built his practice on defending those arrested and accused of both New York State or Federal law.

And with the experience and ability to provide an aggressive defense for a client arrested and charged with criminal offenses
under the New York Penal code or under a Federal statute.

Some of his cases include:

· Murder, Involuntary Manslaughter, Voluntary Manslaughter
· Rape and all Sex Offenses
· Vehicular Manslaughter
· Theft charges, Employee Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Petty Theft, Larceny, Grand Larceny
· White Collar Crime, Fraud, Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Gambling, Racketeering
· Perjury
· Assault & Related Offenses
· Drug Offenses: Conspiracy, Possession with Intent to Sell, Sales, Transportation, Intent to Distribute & Contraband
· Arson, Vandalism, Criminal Mischief and all other Property Crimes
· Weapons Violations
· Warrants
· Motions to Suppress Illegally Obtained Evidence
· Motions to Withdraw Guilty Pleas, Motions to Terminate Probation
· Motions for Reduction of Bail, Motions for Release of Bail
· Probation Violations, Parole Hearings, Sentencing Hearings

Again, because the area of Criminal Defense is so broad, please contact the office for information if you or someone
you know have been arrested and charged with a crime not listed above.
Criminal Defense  -  "Making the Right Moves"
While being arrested and facing charges
can be one of the most stressful and
frightening times in a person's life, an arrest
starts a process that has to be respected.

Arnold Keith will expertly and
compassionately guide you through that
process from beginning to end.
he Strategy  Viewing Your Case From All Sides
If you wish to retain Arnold P Keith Jr., we encourage you to act swiftly. The sooner you contact the office, the sooner we can begin to compile a compelling case on your behalf.
Perhaps one of the most crucial legal decisions a person can make his or her life will involve what to do when arrested and accused of a crime. This can certainly be one of the most emotionally challenging issues to navigate.

You need to know that you do not have to deal with this process alone, nor should you. Attorney Arnold Keith has the compassion, the skill, the experience and the outstanding reputation for helping clients through these times.

Arnold Keith has successfully tried complex and challenging cases all over New York and the surrounding areas. His reputation is the product of his expertise, hard work and dedication to our clients. Every day he serves his clients with experience, integrity, and commitment.

Arnold begins preparing the case as soon as he is retained. Investigating all of the facts and looking for all evidence that may be used in your defense. His years of experience in trial and negotiations has taught him what judges and juries are more likely to look at in a favorable light. And having served many years in the district attorney’s office, he knows the prosecutors; their strengths and strategies. Oftentimes these relationships give him a welcome advantage when it comes to negotiating deals that others might miss.
"I'm not just winning cases, I'm giving people their lives back." Arnold Keith