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The Law Offices of Arnold Pennington Keith, Jr.
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Office Location: 305 Broadway, Suite 805
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-941-7105
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Arnold Pennington Keith Jr. is a criminal defense attorney located in New York City, representing men and women
throughout New York and the surrounding areas. Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, Arnold's hard-earned
reputation is the product of his expertise, integrity and dedication to his clients.

With a commitment to results and a genuine compassion for each situation, he thoroughly examines the evidence and
puts together the best possible defense. He takes pride in providing professional, dedicated representation on all
aspects of criminal law, and understands that each criminal case is unique.

With that in mind, Arnold Keith approaches each case with a high level of understanding and responsiveness. His
singular approach is to move through the legal process efficiently and successfully ... to restore the client to the place
where he/she was prior to the arrest.

Pragmatism Prevails
What distinguishes Arnold Keith from other criminal lawyers? Simply put, he is both compassionate and pragmatic.
For him, its not only about winning the case; its also about winning back control of your life.

“I know the difference between what is right or wrong, what is smart or unsafe, or what is constructive or devastating
and I only take the risks that I know will benefit my client, says Arnold.

Because of his honesty and transparency, clients develop a deep level of trust in knowing that we are doing whatever
is in the best interests of their family. Decisions will never be made in haste. We put the necessary time, energy, and
effort into creating a valuable and workable strategy that protects your family in the long run, no matter how
contentious your legal matter is.

Retain the Law Office of Arnold Pennington Keith Jr. if you want to work with a law firm that is:
•Exclusively devoted to Criminal Law & Expert in that area
•Utilizing intuitive skill and natural aptitude to handle any type of criminal matter
•Known for creating customized, effective, and affordable solutions
•Consistently up to date on laws, statues, and litigation matters that may have an impact on a case
•Capable of handling a range of criminal proceedings
A Special Thank you to Service Men and Women
I am proud to offer additional discounted fees to teachers, members of the military and law
enforcement personnel. It’s a small token of appreciation for the work they do for us every
day. I cannot begin to quantify their collective commitment to the betterment of our society.