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The Law Offices of Arnold Pennington Keith, Jr.
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Caring. Committed. Capable
Caring. Committed. Capable
Because Results Matter!
Meet Arnold Pennington Keith Jr.

Arrests and convictions can sometimes be devastating and have
impact on the entire family.

" Be the person that others count on" is what has guided Arnold
throughout his career. He believes that there is a big difference
between being the kind of lawyer that is just a resource and being
the person that people count on to care about the long term
effects of convictions and how their lives unfold. "I look at most of
the young people that I represent like they are my family. I give
them legal advice and personal advice as well. I'm not afraid to
go the extra mile for my family.

Experience and integrity is the key to his success.
Arnold Pennington Keith Jr. is an acclaimed New
York City Criminal Defense Attorney.

He began his career in the Bronx District attorney's
office in 1983. And by 1993, Arnold joined James
Palumbo and now criminal court judge, Steve
Hornstein in founding the law firm of Hornstein,
Palumbo and Keith. With such talent and
assertiveness in partnership, the firm very quickly
gained accolades among their client base and their

Today, with more than 30 years of experience,
Arnold understands the impact that a criminal
conviction can have on a person's life. He has
witnessed those effects first-hand and dedicates 
himself to minimizing them throughout the state and
federal system. With an estimated 200 plus cases
tried and thousands successfully represented,
Arnold Keith is arguably one of the most sought
after criminal defense attorneys in New York.
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100% Criminal Defense

32 years

Cash, Check, Credit Card

"First, he says, "be someone others count on." When someone that you care
about has been arrested, you don;t want to wait for a response. You want
someone to respond and keep responding. Clients come to me because they
have a situation they cannot solve on their own. Most are not looking for an
analysis of the law. Most want me to solve a problem, and I do my best to

"They walk into my office with a problem, and walk out
with a solution."
305 Broadway, Suite 805
New York, NY 10007
Office: 212-941-7105